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Since privacy is of utmost importance. 

Web Application Penetration Testing

Web Application Penetration Testing is an Offensive testing performed to identify bugs and test the security of the platform.

The testing is done in a complete manual process and not using any automated tools.

It carries a very high advanced level skills and techniques to identify loopholes in the systems/web applications which the real-time black hat hackers make use of to perform cyber-attacks causing a huge impact on the organizations.

Identified about 100+ Cyber Threat

Web Application Penetration Testing helps organizations to assess their internal defensive mechanisms and also the loopholes which exists in the external facing platforms.

Our scope has no limits – which means that we hunt for threats on your platforms from a real-time hackers perspective and we work exactly like the black hat hackers but in an ethical manner

We charge only when we find threats in your platforms, else we do not charge you. The more secure you are, the less the expenditure would be.

Awareness Training 

Being Aware is a necessity! Are You?

Every user using the technology needs to be educated on Cyber Security as it is the easiest way to build secure cyberculture.

95% of the cyber crimes that happen is occurred due to human behavior and we Humans are vulnerable to a very critical vulnerability called ‘Trust’.

It all depends on the human reaction, and thus, every user should be smart enough to identify such scams.

This is what we at Fesray are trying to achieve – To help users be aware of Cyber Security…

Our custom-based content is what makes us unique in this field as we cover the topics based on the target audience.

We provide training for everyone including:






Need awareness? Get in touch with us now!

Cyber Crime Investigation

Cyber crimes/frauds are increasing and we are still not ready to make any defense on these.

It is due to the lack of experts that the organizations and individuals are not able to fight back and get back what they lose.

We provide Legal and technical support
We help you file the case, and we will do an investigation of the issue.


If you have faced any of the below, contact us now..

Lost your money Online?

Someone is Defaming you?

Account is Hacked?

Is someone Bullying you Online?

Crime from your employee?

Crime Investigation?

We at Fesray, are experienced in providing solutions to anyone who faces a Cyber Crime or a cyber attack.

Digital Marketing

Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimization is a process of orienting a website to secure the top position in the Search Engine Results Page (SERP). We offer, 

On-page SEO

Off-page SEO

Technical SEO


Competitor analysis

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is one of the smartest ways to power-up your business. This includes,

Facebook Marketing

Instagram Marketing

YouTube Marketing

LinkedIn Marketing

Play store Marketing

Pinterest Marketing

Search Engine Marketing

We do research on our client’s industry to understand its strength and weakness and craft marketing strategies accordingly to maximize the reach and ROI. This includes Pay-per-click advertising that covers,


Search ads

Display ads

Video ads

Shopping ads

Remarketing & Retargeting


Report generating

Digital Forensics

Fesray provide a unique approach to complex business dispute and investigative matters, offering the latest technology to best serve our client's needs.

Forensic acquisition (imaging of electronic devices, mobile devices, computers, laptops and servers).

Acquisition of emails or folders from servers.

Data recovery and reconstruction (Deleted file analysis).

Establishment of Investigative Support Systems.

Phishing Investigations and Mobile device forensics.

E-discovery solutions, management and litigation support.

Cyber Forensic Readiness planning.

Malware and Keylogger Analysis.

Electronic Discovery

Electronic evidence consulting.

Identification, preservation and collection.

Processing, search and analysis.

Technology assisted review.

Disclosure and production.

Data Analytics

Data Mining for Investigative Purposes.

Fraud analytics to identify trends/patterns and potential fraud.

User access analytics on sensitive databases.

Procurement analysis, Transactional and non-transactional Data Analytics, Database Forensics, Continuous Transaction Monitoring.

Visual Data analytics and interactive dashboards that present the data in a significant way.

Business data analytics to help describe, predict and improve business performance.

We Integrate With Your Ecosystem

We ensure our clients needs and we provide our best service in a friendly and integrated way with our best experienced professionals.

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